Folder Hub overview


Folder Hub is a powerful macOS software powered by GPT4 that provides localization services for iOS, macOS, Android, and JS projects. In this article we will focus on the features of Folder Hub.

Folder Hub overview


  1. Translation:

    • Translation with AI: Folder Hub leverages GPT4 technology to automatically translate your project's content into multiple languages.
    • Wide language support: Folder Hub supports a broad range of languages, enabling localization for diverse audiences.
    • Translate Key: Translate the value of a single row, such as translating "book" into French, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.
    • Translate Value: Translating individual values. For example, the English word "books" translates to "livres" in French.
    • Translate Language: For example, translating all content into Chinese
    • Translate All: Complete localization translation for all languages.

    Translation Services

  2. Translation Fine-tuning:

    • Linguistic nuances: Fine-tune the translations according to specific linguistic nuances or cultural considerations to ensure high-quality localization.
    • Context-aware descriptions: Provide simple descriptions to guide the AI model and improve the translation accuracy.
    • Preserve brand names and key phrases: Specify which elements should not be translated to maintain brand consistency across different languages.

    Translation Fine-tuning

  3. Multi-platform Support:

    • Versatile compatibility: Folder Hub seamlessly integrates with popular IDEs like Visual Studio Code, Xcode, and Android Studio.
    • Ready for web and mobile: Works for iOS apps, macOS applications, Android apps, or JavaScript projects.

    Folder Hub Multi-platform Support

  4. Sync:

    • Live sync with IDE: Changes made in Folder Hub are instantly reflected in your IDE, enabling real-time updates and reducing manual effort.

    Folder Hub Live sync with Xcode

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Folder Hub offers a wide range of features designed to simplify the multilingual localization process. From automatic translation to fine-tuning, this powerful tool streamlines the localization workflow, allowing developers to reach a global audience with ease. Embrace the features of Folder Hub and unlock the potential for seamless multilingual support in your projects.